Blackjack: What The Croupier Wants?

The croupier warns that he begins to deal the cards and then begins to give the cards one to each player and one to him face up and then he starts again and gives himself the last card to him, but this one is face down… and each player has the possibility to choose judi bola Malaysia strategy like taking insurance, like doubling depending on the game or splitting or simply taking cards or stopping if his game is complete and this is where the dealer starting with the first has his left invites you to choose…

There is no point in going into details here, but let’s say that there are several different basic strategy tables to guide you in making fairly precise choices and in addition you have the right to holdings with you and watch them at all times.

The croupier passes the players one by one until everyone is finished making their choice… if you have obtained a total of more than 21 you are automatically eliminated even if the croupier has not yet transferred his card… and this is one of the advantages of the croupier… if on the other hand you had a Blackjack you are a winner, unless the croupier is also a Blackjack, for the rest it is the total which makes you a winner or a losing for the value of the bets is 1 to 1 except for blackjack 3 for 2.

They say there are signs with the hands to define our choices, but the dealers are more than tolerant and always seem ready to help.

As I said above, there is a different scenario with the two cards you have received, as if you have a total that exceeds 17, you will not take other cards not to break.

Still, suppose you have less than 17, according to the croupier’s card.

In that case, you will have two choices either to take one or more cards or to stay in your position so no card always depending on the choice of cards you have received you can either decide to double down or even choose to split your cards, but all this is very simple.

The basic betting bola online strategy tables are evident in the choice you have made; on the other hand, you could decide at any time not to listen to the logic of the strategy boards and play your way, which would also make sense because everything is a matter of chance and all the panels are built from several hands sometimes 50,000 hands.

You play all at once where anything can happen, but it is always better to respect the tables.

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